Our Story


InfoBridge™ is a leading IT Solutions and Services Organisation that finds solutions for your digital enablement.  We deliver a trusted platforms in order to best optimise your operations through digitalisation and guide you to transform your business information into purposeful intelligence.  We enable you to digitise your manual process, use your information and gain insights to make better business decisions.


Our practical consulting services provided by real world professionals with proven experience in Architecting, Implementing and Managing solutions ensures business value within your organisation. We specialise in building and supporting the clients’ information management philosophy in order to achieve strategic objectives.

Our Strategy


In order to provide the best possible service, we nurture strategic partnerships with a select client base to effect smooth and efficient delivery of our solutions, minimising the risk of the client and increasing their return on investment.

Business Intelligence
Our Mission


With more than 30 years experience across various subject areas within the IT landscape, InfoBridge™ has developed the specialist know-how to address the diversities and challenges faced by CIO’s in this fast changing canvas.

Service Highlights


You can be assured of the best support package tailor made to suit your business needs.

Quick Installation

You can expect a smooth transition with little disruption to your daily operations.

Seamless Integration

Watch your business transform into a digitally efficient entity. Your team can be focussed on what they are really good at.

InfoBridge is a partner with certified skills in ProcessMaker’s process and forms building products, in South Africa.

It is an OEM & reseller of the product, also providing local technical support and maintenance.  The easy-to-use yet robust process automation technology can be quickly adapted and customised to enhance current legacy systems, or as a brand new edition to your digital transformation process.

Why Choose Us

We Are Technically Capable

Our focus areas include Digital Transformation, Big Data, Information Integration and Governance, Data Security, Lifecycle Management and Database Management solutions.

Your Priority is our Priority

We believe in gaining an understanding of your business to digitally transform your priorities into a valued strategic business partnership.

A certified seller and delivery partner

InfoBridge is an OEM & reseller of its products, also providing local technical support and maintenance.

Strategic Partnerships